2008-2012: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Faculty of Theatre

2008-2011: Dilos - Drama School

Drama School Academy (Demetrios Imellos Class June2011)

2006-2008: Theater of Changes - Athens

Directing Studio

2001-2006: University of Ioannina

Faculty of Philosophy


2018-2019: Dramaturgie Mitarbeit im Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin




2012: Chekhov-Platonov “9months with Chekhov’s Characters”,

Theater Laboratory held by the director Michael Wighton, Synergeio, Athens
2011: Freak Lab-Physical Theater Laboratory, held by the director Esther Andre Gonzalez/ Acrobatics held by Camilo Bencator, 14th Day, Athens



2018: Writing residency on the topic „Taboo&Mental Illness“, Samothrace Island, Greece
2017: Healing residential workshop with Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebäck
in Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, Tokalynga TheaterAkademie, Äbrasca, Sweden

2010: Towards Organic Presents-Grotowski’s technique held by Katharina Seyferth,
Las Teouleres, Gers-Bordeaux, France



2019: "Splitter", Text/Regie/Performance von Michail Fotopoulos, (Dramaturgie / Regie Mitarbeit), Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin

2019-2018: "Tagtäglich Tanzen", Akademie der Autodidakten / Spieleitung von Raphael Hillebrand, (Dramaturgie), Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin

2019-2016: “Bloody, Medium oder Durch” von Anestis Azas & Ensemble, (Regie Mitarbeit), Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin / Mousonturm, Frankfurt a.M.

2018-2015: “Die Dunkelkammer” von Kostis Kallivretakis, (Regie Mitarbeit), Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin / Theater tri-bühne, Stuttgart

2018: "Mora", Album Release Reverse Mode-ein Multi-Media Performance, (Inszenierung), 7efta e.V, DB Studio, Berlin

2017: ''If I was a poet'', Musik Performance (Performing), Klavier: Maroulita de Kol / Geige: Penelope Gkika, Atelier Kunst Moment, Berlin

2017: ''Mickey and the Destiny'', Musik Performance (Performing), Klavier: Maroulita de Kol / Geige: Penelope Gkika / Elektronics: Michealo, Loophole, Berlin
2016: “Hellas Filmbox”, (Abends Regie Leitung), Babylon Kino, Berlin

2016: ''Mickey and the Destiny'', Musik Performance (Performing), Klavier: Maroulita de Kol / Geige: Penelope Gkika / Elektronics: Michealo, ZK/U-Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin

2016: ''Der rote Handschuh'', Musik Performance (Performing), One day I will travel a world, Klavier: Maroulita de Kol / Guitarre: Andre Flemming / Trommel: Amadea Leonore, Atelier Kunst Moment, Berlin
2015: “Don ́t wear a skirt tonight. I will come to pick you up with my white horse", concept/choreography/performing by Evi Terzi, (Regie/Dramaturgie), Neu West Gallery, Berlin
2014: "Oresteia" von Yannis Xenakis, (Performing), Regie von David Hermann / Konduktor: Moritz Gnann, Deutsche Oper, Berlin
2013-2014: "Struwwelpeter-Es lebe die Anarchie", (Regie/Dramaturgie), Ackerstadt Palast, Berlin
2013: "Ich suche den Menchen", (Regie Mitarbeit), directed and performed by Elia Verganelaki, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
2013: "Milch" by Nausica Group, (Dramaturgie/Performing), mpa-B Festival, Acud Theater, Berlin
2012: "Five Senses" by Conspiramus, (Dramaturgie/Performing), 12 Koupe Festival-Train in Roof, Athens
2012: "Tartarin de Tarascon" by A.Donde, (Performing), directed by George Nousis and Stelios Passias, In Progress Festival-Kinitiras Studio, Athens
2011-2012: "The Father" by A.Strindberg, (Performing), directed by Demetrios Imellos and dramatically processed by Elsa Andrianou, Dilos Theater / Boutari Stage, Athens / Santorini
2011: "Dubliners" by J.Joyce, (Dramaturgie/Performing), directed by Roula Pateraki, Dilos Theater, Athens
2011: "Metaformosi"-solo installation, (Concept/Performing), supervisor and organizer: Nikoletta Xenariou, 104 Theater, Athens
2011: "A fast kiss-a trip" by M. Laina, (Performing), video installation directed by John Pashalidis, 12 Koupe Festival-Train in Roof, Athens
2010: "The things as they are" by Gertrude Stein, (Regie Mitarbeit), directed by Marianna Kalbari, Karolos Koun Art Theater, Athens
2009-2011: The Little Beetroot&The colorful Fairytale, (Performing), directed by Irena Boiko, Chora Theater, Athens
2006-2008: Texts by D.Fo and J.Cocteau, (Regie), 1900 Bar / Melo Bar, Ioannina / Athens


2017-2020: Production Manager at Ballhaus Naunynstraße in total 11 Projekte (Tanzperformance, Theater, Panel, Lesung).



-als Spielleiterin

2019: "Re-Moving Memories", 4 years Agape Zoe festival No.19, Berlin

2019: "Emotional Journey", 3 years Agape Zoe festival No.16, Berlin

2016: ”Free association p.s if I was a poet”, Possible Memories festival, Tatwerk Studio, Berlin

2016: ”The Game of Choices” Workshop für Performers, Tatwerk Studio, Berlin

2016: ”The Game of Talent” Workshop für Performers, Tatwerk Studio, Berlin


-als Teilnehmerin
2015: Intime/Fremde mit Chiara Rossini-Teatro del Lemming,Tatwerk Studio, Berlin
2015: Possible Memories Festival, Tatwerk, Berlin
Voice&Body mit Barbara Berti
Experiment mit Xica Lisboa
On Heads and Hands with Lolla Karpenka
Memorie Games#1 Improsession with Barletti and Kellerman
Silence Roads with Congegnoelectronico
Orpheus with Teatro del Lemming-Chiara Rossini
The Clown, a playful trip to your essence with Agustin Flidlender
2013: Video Dance Improvisation held by Femme Fraktale, Bethanien, Berlin

2010:"Sounding Bodies, Moving Voices” held by Aleccio Castellaci, Polis Company, Athens




-Never alone von Ioanna Tsolakidou (Musik Video), 2015
-The girl who became..von Haris Youlatos (Kurzfilm), 2013
-Hand Note No12 von Agapi Kousteni-Aspa Sokou (Medium Film), 2011

-Las 13 Rodas von Yiannis Korres (Kurzfilm), 2011
-Dial V for Virginia von Stelios Koukouvitakis (Kurzfilm), 2010

-Women’s Spectrum von Theo Oikonomou (Kurzfilm), 2009
-Night Wave von Zisis Kokkinidis-Tasos Kafes (Medium Film), 2009



2002-2006: Member of ΘΕ.Σ.Π.Ι. (Theatre Group, University of Ioannina). -Participated with ΘΕ.Σ.Π.Ι. as a special guest at the 11th International Theatre Festival of the University of Monastir, Tunisia(2003)
-Artistic Director of ΘΕ.Σ.Π.Ι.(2004-2006).
-Founding member of the PanHellenic Association of Student Theatre Groups(2005)


Special trainings

Argentinian Tango - Associate (bronze) diploma- I.D.T.A
Latin Dances (Anthi Viceli Dance school-Ioannina)
Percussions with Nikos Touliatos at Dilos Dramaschool
Aikido held by Heidi Grot and Reiner Buchholz (Kranich Dojo-Kreuzberg)

Greek traditional dances

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