Mental illness is one of the fallouts from life in the neoliberal city. The fight against capitalism is also the fight for our minds.The way of life we are currently leading is pulling humanity down.

We all live within conditions that trigger mental health problems.There has been a tradition of viewing panic as the outcome of bodies in a hyperstimulating urban environment. Hyperstimulation is the way in which our bodies, our nervous systems, have been coupled to a more or less permanent state of excitation. States and capital both understand this process. They regulate the rhythms of our lived bodies, both over-stimulating them and providing the means to de-stress. They expose our bodies to all kinds of corporeal vulnerabilities – sickness, homelessness, malnutrition – in order to make us into dependent bodies.

Freeafear is a platform that attempt to pour some light into our deepest fears through acceptance and playfulness, to dive deeply into the darkest places of our minds and to directly confront this darkness. We want to trespass into the hidden places of our consciousness like kids playing in a haunted house, faced with the decision to try and chase the ghosts away or to befriend them. In other words, to release the imprisoned and hidden internal fear in order to make it acceptable and more understandable. Instead of hiding it away, to learn how to live and thrive by accepting it as an integral part of both ourselves and our society.We hope that this project will gather stories from people who have or are still suffering from these conditions and will provide a space in which to share and communicate these experiences. We also hope to demonstrate that these feelings are not meant to prevent us from living our lives to the fullest, but rather provide a pathway to a fearless state of consciousness.

Now more than ever, we are forced to confront the negative impact of today’s society in terms of mental health as instances of anxiety, panic and depression continue to rise within a large portion of the populus. However, by using the tools of tradition and looking into ourselves through the mirror of art, we can hope to discover a mechanism for releasing these negative feelings and personal issues.

By observing the musical traditions of countless cultures and ages, we can see clearly how music is used to ease the “beast” and to comfort one’s soul. For thousands of years, music has been used in medicine. Our research has to do with realizing and releasing our fears through the healing properties of music.We are not what we fear but instead what we choose to do to face it.

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