urban vs nature

urban vs nature


"How do I know my healing space?"

"It's a place that you can never get too much of.” 

"A waterfall," she said slowly..


A healing space in nature can address many emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.

As a few examples, people go there to contemplate important decisions, release toxic obsessions, quiet the thinking mind, nurture creativity, expel worries, reframe problems, or simply experience a greater sense of oneness with the mystery of creation.


These natural spaces or events become partners in healing, growing or clarifying.

It is no coincidence that Jesus went into the desert to find himself, that Buddha reached enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, or that Thoreau sought healing at the shore of Walden Pond.


A wonderfully nourishing practice to heal through nature is to bring our awareness both to our five senses-sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch- and to the five great elements that comprise the physical universe: space, air, fire, water, and earth. Since our mind-body system is a unified, indivisible manifestation of nature, giving our attention and appreciation to this experience allows balance and healing to emerge.


Finding the time to go outside, smell the roses, and feel the sun’s rays soak into your skin can be more difficult than ever in today’s technology-driven society.


Urban vs Nature involves nature in the healing and creative process. 

Through group sessions with different themes every time and in different nature environments, we ask questions about ourselves, about the others, about the world...aiming just to let it go.  

    @2020 by Dimitra Thomaidou